I have never had a girl. I am a terribly notorious person. I do not consider myself attractive, I have a “ptosis” and a height of 158 cm. When

I meet a girl who I really like externally, an invisible wall stands in front of me, the whole body is stony, and they seem to hang a lock on my mouth. I don’t know what and how to say. I am well aware that, looking at me, the girl will most likely laugh and send me. I am attracted by girls of my height, or below. I have been dreaming of a relationship for several years. But I’m just ashamed to meet someone. Tell me what to do.

You definitely have friends: friends in the past or real study, school, work. It is probably difficult for you to get acquainted on the street or in public places, so you need to create more comfortable situations and try to find a soul mate there. I’m talking about the fact that you should participate more often in the events that friends organize, and even better-try to organize something yourself. Come up with where to go than to do the group, and call people. Good experience creates a good response, offer friends to invite your friends to such events. This will help expand the circle of dating.

Of course, you will need some overcoming yourself, but without this we cannot do a single business in life. People go to dance on the street, pass various quests, go on campaigns, on excursions in the native city – now there are many different activities, take part in them. Start inviting your home to theme parties, games. Come up with something unusual.

And, of course, if you have the opportunity, work with a psychologist. This will help increase self -esteem and confidence.

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