Most of us dream of finding love and building an ideal relationship. If you believe films and books, you might think that lovers always do everything right and do not make mistakes. But in life everything is much more complicated. What obstacles are found on the way to “long and happily”?

Trite, but fact: just finding a “” person is not enough – you need to work on relationships, take care of them, be prepared for self -sacrifice. Falling in love is very simple, but this is only the first stage.

“Life is not a fairy tale with a happy ending, and no one guarantees that everything will be smooth in the relationship, financial stability will reign in the family and you will never quarrel,” the Britney psychologist Lindstrom emphasizes. – The idea that the partner should be the perfect “second half” destroyed many unions, even those that had great prospects ”.

Love and relationship inevitably pass the periods of ups and downs due to changes in the life of partners, and in order to overcome the disagreements that arise, hard work will be required. Here are three widespread misconceptions about love, which often lead to separation and broken hearts.

1.In love, everything is like in a fairy tale

Love inspires, it takes breath from it – but the same feeling can cause a monstrous pain. Suffering from a

broken heart is felt quite clearly and at the same time physically: a person feels a tremendous heaviness in his chest, as if crushed him with a concrete slab.

“The idea that love always leads to a happy ending is erroneous,” Lindstrom is sure. “Love failures would not have caused such terrible pain if we, deep down, understood that everything would end well in the end.”.

But no one can ever give such a guarantee, so leaving everything to the mercy of fate is a very bad idea. The belief that everything will somehow work out without any effort, clouds our mind and creates a distorted idea of love.

2.Relations are easy and simple

We change throughout our lives – this is our nature. So, in the relationship you will have to constantly adapt to these changes, and this will require efforts. The hope that “love will defeat everything” can put the union under the threat: if it really were so, disputes, quarrels, partings and divorces would be much less.

To maintain love and relationship “afloat”, you will have to give this a lot of time and effort. Leaving everything to the mercy of fate, we doom the relationship to failure.

3.We have a “second half” – a person who is perfect for us

Many are convinced that they will become full, only by finding the perfect pair, a real “soul mate”. “Alas, the“ second halves ”do not always remain in our life for a long time,” Lindstrom comments. -Sometimes they help us to extract important lessons for ourselves, to realize our true potential, which in the future will help us build a happy relationship with someone else. “.

“Confused souls” give us the opportunity to better understand our own advantages and disadvantages. But the main thing is that they teach us the art of love without any conditions.

Yes, perhaps somewhere there is a person who could become an ideal couple for you, but you still should not count on love to the coffin with him. Some lucky ones succeed, but trying to find a partner that is perfect for you, you run the risk of missing a chance to build relationships with a good person.

The belief that only one person can become an ideal pair for you, and everyone else does not suit you, can destroy a wonderful alliance. Indeed, why try to establish relations with the current partner if you believe that somewhere there is your “second half”, with which everything will be perfect without any effort?

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